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5lb largemouth, caught on Pamunkey. Robert DeAtley
Billy and Debbie, owner of Surfside, shaking hands after his sweepstakes purchase.
Billy Henson with his trolling motor he purchased with his $2500 shopping spree.
caught in Rappahannock
June 2011
Rappahannock- June 2011
Bob Kelley-Striper-May 9th, 2011
Mac--Striper--May 9, 2011
Mac, Bill, Hal, Gary & Bob--May 9, 2011
Mr. Quisenberry
1lb. 7oz. ring perch
30lb catfish
John Bruguiere 8lb. 1oz.
Thomas Huth-Scruggs
6.45 LB. 22.5 IN.
Robert Bruguiere
6.5 lb bass
Potomac River
Bowie's Pond-Ft. A.P. Hill--Crappie-2011
Hal Hampton--smallest pickerel--Collin's pond- Spring 2011
crayfish climbing out of the trashcan